Youth / Student Ministry

We have a blast serving Jesus!

Students/Youth (Ages 12-18)

Young people of today face new and difficult challenges in a rapidly changing society. They encounter problems and situations that are specific to this generation. A personal relationship with God is what keeps us and carries us through these challenges and situations as we find our way through life.

Here in our group, we joke around and have a lot of fun. But our youth and student ministry really exists to help young people find their faith, to challenge them to find their calling and to honor God with their lives.


Some weeks, we'll have a Bible lesson and have some snacks. Other weeks, we might meet at the church and then go on to downtown for a scavenger hunt or chat at a local coffeehouse.

We also offer a College-Career ministry for unmarried men and women ages 19-24. This Schedule is TBD.

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We have a lot of fun around here! From camping and hiking to city and coast trips, we enjoy showing and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with teenagers. Please reach out if there is anything we can do to help!